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Micro Fiber Cloths

Micro Fiber Cloths

  • $ 15.90

This plush and absorbent material pampers your car with each gentle sweep across its surface. Microfiber is a man made product that consists of 2 fibers. Polyester and Polymide. The polyester is the scrubbing and cleaning, while the polymide is the absorbing or saturating fiber. Each square inch of microfiber contains 90,000 exploded microfiber tips. These Microfiber tips are lint free, non-abrasive and hypo allergenic, making them safe on all surfaces allowing you to use with confidence. Microfiber cloths are super absorbent holding up to 7 times its weight in moisture. Fantastic as a car wash cloth, they do double duty as a wax removal cloth. For a safe convenient towel to wash, dry, remove wax and clean your windows Microfiber towels are a must have product.

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