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Sometimes the best way to see something is to feel it. Your paint may look good but a light gentle swipe of the hand across the surface may tell another story. If it doesn’t feel perfectly smooth you probably have tiny surface contaminates. These imperfections are added on a daily basis. The combination of these environmental contaminates may lead to early paint failure that will result in prematurely dull and listless paint. To deep clean your paint and remove those microscopic contaminates use the 8 ounce EZ Clay Bar. Our EZ Clay Bar works by sweeping microscopic particles and freeing them from the surface leaving an ultra smooth finish, ready for waxing.

The EZ Clay Bar is non abrasive and cleans without leveling or cutting your paint like abrasive rubbing compounds can. Your paint will now have a super smooth feel. Having ultra clean paint will make the wax job 10 times easier. Not only will it be easier, but your wax job will last longer because it is now able to bond more directly to the ultra-clean paint. One EZ Clay Bar can last several years. For amazingly clean, amazingly beautiful paint try the EZ Clay Bar today!

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