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Nano-Tech Series Select Surface Compound

Nano-Tech Series Select Surface Compound

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Fast cutting capabilities utilizing nano optical grade micro abrasives restores older paints and polishes newly painted surfaces. Select Surface Nano Compound is our most aggressive fastest cutting compound. With its unique formula it has been engineered to cut through heavy paint imperfections providing masterful results. Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Series assures you are using the safest compound because it provides ultra refined compound ingredients that assures the gentle and safe removal of extreme paint defects as it prepares the surface for the next phase.

Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Series rapidly eliminates surface imperfections and removes deep scratch- es and swirls with fast cutting power requiring fewer passes as you quickly restore the vehicle’s finish. Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Series does a superior job on conventional clear coats, and ceramic finishes.

Constant changes, updates, and advancements occur on a daily basis in paint technology. Scratch-resistant and ceramic clear coats require changes in the way professionals and do-it yourselfers maintain the surface and clar- ity of their paint. New scratch-resistant and ceramic clear coats provide better protection and last longer than conventional clear coat systems. As paint technology systems age, better maintenance products are required to restore the luster and sheen they originally had.

Heavy scratches, deep swirls, and tough oxidation are on match for Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Se- ries. Abused and neglected your paint over time will develop oxidation that will diffuse light and provide distor- tion to the color of your vehicle. This distorted surface is a perfect showcase for all of the surface imperfections in your paint.

 Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Series is designed to achieve fantastic results on both a rotary and dual ac- tion polishers. Extended work time formula provides a more user friendliness with rotary and orbital machines making Select Surface Compound Nano-Tech Series the easiest compound product you will ever use.

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