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Achieve the ultimate finish the EZ way with our Awesome Metal Polish. With A.M.P. Metal Polish you can quickly and easily clean and polish: Aluminium, Chrome, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Stainless Steel and Alloys. A.M.P. Metal Polish is guaranteed with minimum effort, to remove Oxidation,Tarnish, Rust Water Stains, and Heat Discoloration. Use on metal work including hub caps, grilles, head lamps, door handles, motor- cycle/cycle wheels, forks, hubs and castings. The formulation of A.M.P. is strong enough that a little dab cleans a big surface. Unlike most metal polishes the A.M.P. formula does not contain ammonia or any form of anhydrous chemicals or acids. It is PH neutral another added feature of this advanced formula. For ultimate gleam, and a brilliant long lasting finish on your metal surfaces there is truly nothing like this product.

A.M.P. Up your shine, order today.

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