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2EZ Carnauba Liquid Spray Wax

2EZ Carnauba Liquid Spray Wax

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2EZ Carnauba Liquid Spray Wax is the fastest applying deepest cleaning, most intense shine, wax product on the market. This cleaning Carnauba wax will not buckle under the environmental or industrial challenges that tar, grease, bird droppings, bug splatter, swirl marks or even dried on paint can present. With its emulsifiers cleaning naptha and true #1 Brazilian Carnauba content, it is not only the fastest way to restore a clean beautiful luster to your cars paint and chrome, but the easiest you’ll ever use. The spray application formula combines with Zynol making this wax the easiest and most convenient wax product available today. 2EZ Spray Carnauba wax has been tested on the most difficult and challenging contaminates by professional detailers throughout the United States. The results of their testing made them not only believers but loyal customers. Now this same formula is available to you. If you want stunning results, a lasting formula and convenience of use order today.

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